Cheyenne Package

Cheyenne Package

Cheyenne Package


Diesel/Synthetic $2290


  • Garff Care
  • Appearance Shield
  • Plad Tech
  • Choice of:
    • Front Window Tint
    • All-Weather Mats

Pre-Owned Package:

Includes everything listed above, plus:

  • AdvantageCare*
    • 3 Oil Changes
    • 3 Tire Rotations
    • 3 Car Washes
    • 3 Safety Inspections

*With the Cheyenne Package, AdvantageCare applies to USED VEHICLES ONLY

More Information:

Plad Tech

At PLAD TECH, we want to give drivers more peace of mind. That’s why we offer this simple device that does so much for you and your family. Whether it’s locating a lost or stolen vehicle, keeping a new driver safe, or finding out why your check engine light is on, our device and easy-to-use app brings you more insight and a lot less worry.

Appearance Shield

Appearance Shield is designed to protect your vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces from fading, discoloring, staining, cracking, and more. A long-lasting diamond ceramic protective coating give
your vehicle unparalleled shine and reflection while the ceramic forms a chemical bond to the surface, providing outstanding protection. Together, they create a stunning, protected finish. An eco-friendly protection product with UV inhibitors is professionally applied to your vehicle’s interior leather, vinyl, fabric, and carpet surfaces.

Garff Care

• Lifetime of service for the vehicle purchased
• Complimentary Roadside Assistance
• Complimentary Dealership Towing
• Complimentary Flat Tire Repair
• Jump-Start
• Open a Locked Vehicle
• Provide Gas if you run out

Advantage Care

• 3 Oil Changes
• 3 Tire Rotations
• 3 Car Washes
• 3 Safety Inspections

Window Tint or All-Weather Mats from Ken Garff Parts Department

• Window Tint
• All-Weather Mats

See a sales representative for full details.